Final Results of the First Presidential Straw Poll for the 2008 Presidential Election 

On December 20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd a presidential straw poll was held at The Wonderful Waldo Car Wash, 74th & Wornall Road, Kansas City, Missouri. 

The poll was open to all voters.  Each day the first 100 voters received a reward for having voted and on Saturday, December 23, there were free hot dogs and sodas for voters.

Nearly all local and regional media were informed in advance of the event and they were invited to attend, vote and report the results. 

Senator Barack Obama (Dem., IL) and Ms OPRAH Winfrey were both invited to attend and vote.  Neither did. 

Here are the final results of the poll: 

64% of those voting believe that the ticket of OBAMA and OPRAH i.e.,

Obama runs for President & OPRAH for V.P.) would be more likely to be elected than the ticket of OPRAH & OBAMA which was favored by 36% of the voters. 

Absolutely no claim is made or even implied that this poll is a statistically valid prediction of the outcome of the 2008 presidential election.  Rather, the intent of the poll was to learn which of the two tickets, OPRAH & Obama or Obama & OPRAH, would be more likely to win the 2008 presidential election.  The answer is clear:


Obama & OPRAH

The poll was conducted by and all costs were paid by Patrick H. Crowe, The OPRAH for President Guy, author of the book: OPRAH for President, Run, OPRAH, Run.  For more information Crowe can be reached at 816 363 6428.  The web site is OPRAH08.net, his email address is pcrowe@juno.com or he can be written to at: 600 W. 70th Street, Kansas City, MO 64113-2025

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